Dairy Cattle Production

Pregnancy Testing:  

We feel that Preg testing your cow herd is one of the single most important things that can be done to increase profitability. It assists in culling "free-loaders", managing feed and paddocks, monitoring disease just to name a few. We do both manual and ultrasound preg testing.


Supply Bovine Ephemeral Fever(3 days sickness) vaccine and Tick Fever 

We can also administer any vaccinations on farm such as 7 in 1 if required. 

Lameness and Feet Trimming 

Corrective feet trimming for dairy cows. We do not have a roll table therefore this is suited to smaller numbers(e.g. 10 at a time). 


Herd Health

Mastitis investigations

Medication dispensing and treatment plans 


Calving problems; Caesareans

Sudden death investigation- post mortem- we recommend you call us as soon as possible after the animal is found to conduct post mortems as decomposition can be quite quick. Calves can be brought into the clinic. 


We routinely collect blood samples among other things for analysis through the DPI. 

We also are able to collect samples for Pestivirus and Johne's disease. 

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