AUGUST is Dental month

August is dental month in vet clinics all over the country. To help raise awareness for dental disease we have some fantastic discounts. 

We truly believe that dental problems impact more pets and horses then any other condition. They cause pain, poor performance, infections and can lead to shorter life spans when not addressed.  

For this reason we are offering FREE dental checks in clinic for dogs and cats. With each check we also have a dental pack to give you with samples and information leaflets. 

We are offering $90 Equine Dentals when brought into the clinic- this is absurdly cheap! 

15% off routine dentistry on dogs and cats(this can be savings of up to $50 per animal!!)

And buy 4 dental treat sticks and get 1 free. 

If you would like more information on how dental conditions can impact your dog, cat or horse then please give us a call- we love to talk teeth!! 

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