We are a true "mixed practice" veterinary hospital which means we service all animals, great and small. All our vets offer different skill sets that contribute to a wide range of services that we are then able to offer. Some of the different things we do are listed below but if there is anything you aren't sure of then please give us a call. If you are chasing specific veterinary advice then as always, we recommend calling but some of the common conditions and procedures we do are covered if you followed the links below.

Routine Canine Services
+ Annual vaccinations
+ Litter vaccinations
+ Microchipping
+Preventative care(worming, flea and ticks)
Routine Feline Services
+ Kitten vaccinations
+ Microchipping
+ Preventative care(worming, flea and tick treatment)
Equine Services
+ Equine Dentistry
+ Vaccinations(Hendra, Tetanus, Strangles)
+ Lameness
+ Colic
+ Feacal Egg Counts
Dairy Services
+ Herd health(reproduction, mastitis etc. investigations)
+ Reproduction; preg testing, ultrasound exam
+ Lameness
+ Surgery(LDAs, Caesareans)
Beef Cattle Production Services
+ Pregnancy Testing(ultrasound and manual)
+ Bull Semen Testing
+ Lameness
+ Post mortems
+ Castrations, Dehorning
+ Vaccination and Worming
+ Feedlot
Small Landholder
+ Sheep, goat and alpaca
+ Herd health and management plans
+ CAE and GoatMAP accreditation
+ Dehorning, Desexing, Vaccinations and Worming
+ Fecal Egg Counts
+ Dog and Cat Desexing
+ Wound Care
+ Lump Removal
+ Gastrointestinal Surgery(Gastropexy, Foreign Object Removal)
+ Urinary Tract Surgery(Bladder Stones)
+ In house x-ray and ultrasound
+ In house blood tests(results in 5 minutes!!) for Dogs, Cats and Horses
+ Histopathology results within the week
Wildlife cases are managed based on case selection, the vet available, and carer availability.
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